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Live interviews are hard enough as it is. Qbit makes it easier by capturing key insights while you remain fully engaged in the conversation.

You already rely on Zoom to make connecting and communicating easy.  Why not use the same platform to make your live interviews easier? Purpose-built for Zoom, Qbit's Zoom integration eliminates this stress by empowering you to easily transform aha moments into fully transcribed clips that are organized by category. Add notes, if you’d like, and then easily create a highlight reel dashboard to share with colleagues.

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Qbit enables you to highlight and socialize only the most impactful insights with your colleagues.  

As soon as you finish your Zoom interview, Qbit saves you time by automatically importing the recording for processing. Qbit then gives you several powerful tools for zeroing in on the highest value insights. For example, Visual Playback lets you see all speakers segmented visually, along with transcript snippets for each of their speaking portions, enabling you to quickly traverse the entire conversation.  ​


Additionally, use the Written Transcript to view the entire conversation in fully punctuated sentences along with segmentation by speakers, time stamps and AI powered sentiments. ​



Qbit empowers you to share out crisp, actionable insights in real time so you and your team can make smarter & faster decisions.

Qbit makes it a snap to Create Clips of important highlights along with adding notes and thematic tags so that you and colleagues can surface and quickly discern key insights.  Further, using the one click Share Clip feature, Qbit makes it easy to socialize the most insightful interview moments with anyone. Alternatively, use Qbit to easily create a highlight reel dashboard of multiple clips that you can share with colleagues.


Using Zoom & Qbit together is easy. Read below to see how simple the process is!

To create and launch a project, you'll create an API key through the API tabs in the Qbit web app. To connect Zoom with Qbit, tap on the Qbit Connect icon (top center menu) and follow the on screen instructions to authenticate the connection of the Qbit app with your Zoom account. Please consult with your dedicated account manager for assistance.


Then, with just a few clicks, you'll be able to create a project for each live interview. This project space is where all your Zoom recordings will automatically be imported, saved and organized.  If you have any questions, just reach out to your Qbit Account Manager!

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