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Cultivate positive culture by empowering team members to verbalize their thoughts and experiences 

Your team relies on Slack throughout their day to maximize communication and productivity. Why not enable them to use the same platform they already know and love to increase team culture participation and engagement? Purpose-built for Slack, Qbit enables any team member  to speak their mind - literally - about any topic, question or experience. 

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Qbit enables team members to share their thoughts & experiences in the most frictionless of ways - using just their voice.

Open ended text boxes are viewed as too much of a hassle by most - it's the number one reason why so few respond.  But by enabling people to do what comes most naturally - speaking - Qbit gives you the highest response rates. Most important, it's fun & easy to do!



Qbit gives you the most credible and the richest contextual responses in real time so you can make smarter and faster decisions.

Qbit's open ended verbal responses provide 2-3X the information density as compared to the typical open ended text box. Empower your team members to not only enjoy responding to single questions with rich contextual detail and sentiment but enable them to also quickly view and respond to all available questions via the Home tab. 



Using Slack & Qbit together is easy. Read below to see how simple the process is!

To create and launch a project, you'll create an API key through the API tabs in the Qbit web app. To connect Slack with Qbit, tap on the Qbit Connect icon (top center menu) and follow the on screen instructions to authenticate the connection of the Qbit app with your Slack workspace. Then, with just a few clicks, you'll be able to create a project for each experience. You'll customize each experience with a friendly respondent facing name and a simple single question. You can even add an image or video to enrich the engagement. If you have any questions, just reach out to your Qbit Account Manager!

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