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Instantly measure the customer voice in any experience:

digitally, online, virtually, in app, at home, on location, at live events. 

Digital |

Today's customer journey is comprised of multiple online and real-world experiences.  Consider the consumer who initially discovers a brand online via a video.  Multiple digital impressions later, a perception has formed in the consumer's mind.  A certain percentage will convert to become your customers but what became of all the rest? What’s holding them back?  Now consider those who did convert and who experience your brand for the first time in the real world -- some will become repeat buyers but others will not. Why did they not return? Was there an experience delta between their perception of your brand and the reality of what they experienced?  Qbit gives you these answers by empowering you to quickly blend any combination of online and real-world experiences to understand the cognitive thinking and decision making process along any customer journey. 

engage faster

Digitally |
Learn how Qbit captures verbal reaction to digital assets such as images, ads, and videos
Online |
Learn how Qbit enables A/B testing of web pages with real time video feedback
Virtually |
Learn how Qbit quantifies cognitive engagement in virtual settings using heat mapping
In App |
Learn how Qbit unravels where and why users are getting frustrated in any app
At Home |
Learn how Qbit captures in-situ out-of-box and sensory (taste, smell, sight, touch, sound)
On Location |
Learn how Qbit measures ongoing service experiences (e.g. hospitality, restaurants)
Live Events |
Learn how Qbit quantifies experiences at venues, pop-ups and booths


Eliminate the threat of fake social data & bots by capturing real voices for 100% clean, highly scalable data set.


CBS News, Wired Magazine, the New Yorker and countless other leading publications are regularly reporting on the deluge of fake social content that is polluting online data sources — from fake product reviews, to fake people (aka bots) taking surveys, to fake followers and clicks. Can any business afford the risk of making key decisions using fake data? Qbit’s proprietary suite of technologies completely eliminates the risk of bots and bogus data, giving you 100% decision making by guaranteeing real people that are verifiable with real voices.  Of equal importance, Qbit has been architected from the ground up to crunch all this highly credible yet massively unstructured data into clean, actionable insights at scale. 

DECIDE faster

Artificial Intelligence |
Learn how Qbit's AI understands open-ended verbal, video & text
Human Verification |
Learn how Qbit employs human review to maximize accuracy while ensuring data confidentiality 
Contextual Tagging |
Learn how Qbit surfaces contextual tags for quickly spotting key insights in the open ended data
Dynamic Filtering |
Learn how Qbit provides the capability to slice & dice the qualitative by the quantitive 
Custom Annotation |
Learn how Qbit empowers you to annotate insights directly into your insights dashboard at the question level
Team Chat |
Learn how Qbit enables multiple members of your team to discuss insights & action items at the dashboard level
Expert Insights |
Learn how Qbit how you can access expert analysis to warp speed your time from insights to action


Easily glean crisp insights at both the strategic “100k foot” and tactical “5k foot” levels with dynamic structuring of unstructured data.


Effective decision making leadership demands the ability to see the big picture at a strategic level while simultaneously being able to zoom down into specific tactical level areas of importance. Qbit's insights dashboard has been purpose-built to deliver on this exact need by transforming unstructured data into clear, easy-to-read structured insights that provide clear "100k foot” views.  These views let you quickly visualize the qualitative data by both sentiment (i.e. how it was said emotionally) and content (i.e. what was said contextually). At the same time, you can dynamically filter the qualitative data as you’re accustomed to doing with quantitative data and you can easily zero in on a particular segment at the "5k foot" view to understand their cognitive reasoning and decision making process.

ACT faster

See The Big Picture |
See how Qbit provides easy-to-read structured insights that provide clear "100k foot” of the broad strategy
Dive Into Hotspots | 
See how Qbit empowers you to deep dive into a specific segment at the "5k foot" level to understand their cognitive reasoning.
Measure Moments |
See how Qbit measures any in-the-moment experience  (physical or digital world) by capturing real time audio or video responses
Quantify Sentiment |
See how Qbit maps emotional responses along an interactive sentiment spectrum that lets you quickly pin point issues
Unravel Context |
See how Qbit translates what's being said by functional areas that let you see the key cognitive drivers in consumer thinking and response
Understand Decisions |
See how Qbit empowers you with the deepest understanding of the 'why' behind decision making in any type of A/B testing