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Think about the countless food items you've thrown simply because you "lost track of them" in your fridge. You're not alone, the average US household throws out 25% of the food it purchases. Qbit was born from the founders' deeply held conviction that precious resource waste could be significantly reduced by re-framing the problem -- not as a “food” problem -- but as a contextual relevance problem. Extensive in-home usage testing then led us to develop and patent a sensor that could smartly 'cue' attention to any time-sensitive item. As consumer brands learned about our solution, we realized that we could more effectively tackle this problem from the top down -- by empowering brands to measure whether their products are actually being used in the home or if they're just being tossed and, if so, why. 


Over the years we've developed deep expertise in last mile insights, qualitative capture and IHUTs (in home user tests) to give companies the best understanding of the collective experience consumers are having with their brands’ offerings. We call our technology Collective AI. In some cases it's led to making crucial improvements that in turn yielded products consumers love and -- just as importantly -- in other cases it's led to jettisoning products people didn't want, saving precious resources. Working with companies across multiple industries we've learned that they all face a common challenge -- the need for faster, credible, contextually relevant, human sentiment in their decision making. After all, every decision maker wants to do right by their customers but cannot if they don't have this data. This has become our mission at Qbit -- to rapidly surface the most accurate collective human sentiment about any experience.

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