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QbitBoost your interviews with AI

An interview sidekick that sources, vets & schedules participants, records video, & automatically creates transcribed video clips.


schedule qualified participants 9x faster

Whether its consumers or business professionals fitting a specific set of demographic criteria, Qbit can quickly source, vet and schedule exactly who you need to speak with at times that work for you and your colleagues. 

unparalleled flexibility,

unbiased results

Qbit offers the flexibility to lead your own live 1 on 1 interviews and focus groups or have Qbit facilitate them for you.  Qbit ensures you're asking unbiased questions to receive unbiased results. 


inline scripts ensure effortless facilitation

Lead discussions with confidence, focus and charm using Qbit's inline script feature. Write up your script in your favorite app and then just import it when you're ready. Large area and vertical scrolling ensure ease of readability. 

robust organization tools maximize engagement 

Dual side-by-side chat enables facilitators to interact with participants & colleagues. While Qbit's multiple roles (interviewer, observer, note taker) help to streamline engagement & responsibilities internally. 


blend quant questions into your qual interviews

Consolidate multiple research initiatives and deepen insights by integrating quant questions (e.g. ranking, maxdiff, van westendorp, etc.) seamlessly into your qualitative interviews.   

auto speaker detection for superior transcription

Easily go back and rewatch what specific participants said by visualizing exactly where and for how long they spoke. Then clip it to socialize that insightful moment internally with one click. 


smart transcript analysis even highlights sentiment

Qbit not only provides you grammatically accurate transcription segmented by speaker but it also automatically analyzes and highlights the contextual sentiment of each scentence. It even provides you an overall session setiment score.

highlight reels of the most insightful clips

Easily create clips of the most important moments. Then, using the one click share clip feature, easily socialize the most insightful take aways with your colleagues. 


AI powered topics & chapters cover all bases

It can be daunting to wrap your arms around the entirety of multiple interviews and focus groups. To reduce the stress, let Qbit's AI summarize any meeting by sentiment colored themes and time encoded chapter titles. 

Never break a sweat with Qbit's AI powered notes

Qbit's AI will automatically provide you with suggested notes based on recurring themes, in-depth discussion topics and strong sentiments. Of course, add your own notes alongside. 


effortlessly fuse IHUTS with live interviews

Combining IHUTs with live interviews is a smart way to gain the most comprehensive view of how your brand is being experienced. Unlock the full potential of your IHUTs by incorporating live interviews to identify areas that need improvement.

skip the scheduling with unmoderated interviews

Don't waste time on interviewing, let Qbit's AI interviewer ask the questions you want asked, make sense of the answers and automatically notify you of the most valuable insights.​


get actionable real time notifications 

 Let Qbit's Live Sentiment Router provide you real time notifications on customer experiences based on sentiment thresholds you define. Route notifications to specific teams or people via mobile or web.

why choose Qbit?



patented and trusted by national brands, millions of voice sentiments crunched into actionable insights 



fastest planning & execution to go from live customer voices to data driven business decisions



highest response rates, most credible data and richest contextual understanding - all in near real time

Qbit platform has cued millions of human sentiment bits


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