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improve employee motivation and productivity by empowering exceptional employee engagement

attract & retain talent

retaining top talent is easier when you consistently listen


foster exceptional workplaces


give your HR team super powers

foster environments that motivate teams to do their best work


measure and optimize candidate experiences by easily measuring their experiences at every step -- from application to onboarding


drive higher retention, satisfaction, and productivity by gathering collective employee feedback about work and company culture.

return to work

ensure employee happiness & productivity in the new normal by understanding employee needs and sentiment.


how HR teams foster exceptional work experiences with Qbit's magic 

Voice Slac

keep your new employees smiling


Onboard new employees with experiences that further elevate their happiness. Instead of chasing new employees to complete onboarding surveys or trying to find availability on their busy calendars, leverage Qbit's Voice Slack to gather feedback from them using existing messaging tools they already use throughout their day, such as Slack. Empower employees to share their thoughts anonymously, whenever is most convenient for them. Then let Qbit's Live Sentiment Router notify you in real time of responses needing special attention.

drive higher employee retention by listening 


Retain top talent by empowering employees to effortlessly & anonymously speak their minds. Drive higher retention, satisfaction, and productivity by gathering ongoing collective employee feedback about work and company culture. Qbit's Single Questions enable you to frictionlessly engage both on-site and remote workers in sharing their thoughts anonymously.  Asking 1 question ensures higher engagement rates and provides richer context. You can even track progress with Qbit's happiness score.

effortlessly more effective focus groups


More productive & collaborative focus groups let you can stay fully engaged in the conversation. Qbit provides automated meeting notes including transcription & sentiment analysis by speaker. Qbit's Focus Groups empower you to carry out comprehensive & credible online research with exceptional ease. Leading up to the meeting Qbit handles all the recruiting scheduling and following the meeting Qbit makes it a snap to annotate and socialize the most meaningful notes, video clips, insights, action items and key take aways.

unlock insights from existing interviews


Extract value from previously recorded employee interviews (e.g. technical interviews, exit interviews) to better understand issues and opportunities with finding and retaining talent. Let Qbit's Video Reels do all the heavy lifting for you. Get back a dashboard populated with highlight reels of only the most meaningful video clips, tagged by sentiment along with transcription by each speaker. Also we're integrated with Zoom so we can automatically analyze videos saved there or elsewhere.

transform employee feedback into happiness


Invite continual workplace feedback to boost employee happiness. Unmoderated audio / video interviews give employees a fun way to share suggestions on any aspect of the workplace. Qbit's Living Streams empowers you to collect ongoing feedback without the hassle of scheduling participants. Get impromptu feedback by placing QR codes in meetings rooms, visitor entry points, dining areas, etc. Get back a dashboard of insightful clips and let Qbit's Live Sentiment Router give you real time notifications on employee experiences based on sentiment. 

why choose Qbit for HR?



patented and trusted by national brands, millions of voice sentiments crunched into actionable insights 



fastest planning & execution to go from live customer voices to data driven business decisions



highest response rates, most credible data and richest contextual understanding - all in near real time

Qbit platform has cued millions of human sentiment bits


ready to attract & retain talent?

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