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differentiate your bid by giving your client an unfair advantage: proof that the strategies you're suggesting will work

outstrip other agencies

discover what Qbit can do for your agency


give your agency super powers

win more at-bats by touting our proprietary tech & capabilities as your own 

brand agencies

empower your client to build brand health by validating content with target audiences using Qbit's effortless live interviews

product agencies

empower your client to own their category by validating true purchase interest with buyer personas using Qbit's streamlined IHUT solutions

digital agencies

empower your client to uplevel digital experiences by measuring campaign effectiveness using Qbit's 1 question verbal feedback


how agencies have won with Qbit's magic 


our AI finds you needles in the video stack


Wow your clients on day 1 by proving you already have a firm grasp on the subtle nuances of their brand. Just ask them to share any previously recorded interviews. Then let Qbit's Video Reels go to work for you. Get back a dashboard populated with highlight reels of only the most meaningful video clips, tagged by sentiment along with transcription by each speaker. We're integrated with Zoom so we can automatically analyze videos saved there or elsewhere.

land & expand your client relationships


Unleash funnel metrics that smash the status quo to diagnose critical gaps in the shopper journeys of your clients. Then parlay those learnings to extend and deepen your client engagements. Qbit's Shopper Funnel maps the entire journey from consideration to post purchase. Connect all the shopper dots including: brand awareness, competitor consideration, purchase interest, purchase experience, post purchase NPS (Net Promoter Score) and every step in between. 

quickly swat the SWOT for clients


Give 'em a SWOT analysis they'll actually use. In an effort to quickly create SWOTs, often only online research is used which omits crucial real customer experiences. By contrast, Qbit can efficiently inject real customer experiences into any SWOT. Qbit Focus Groups enable you to stay fully engaged in the conversation by providing automated meeting notes including transcription & sentiment analysis by speaker. Give clients exceptional SWOTs that combine comprehensive online research with credible real  world insights. 

iterate to great, without the wait


Incorporate rapid feedback for client innovations by engaging real consumers using unmoderated video interviews throughout the development process. Qbit's Living Streams empowers you to give clients ongoing incremental feedback without the hassle of scheduling participants. In addition to getting a dashboard of insightful interview clips, Qbit's Live Sentiment Router can give you real time notifications on participant experiences based on sentiment. 

put out client fires before they spark


Let clients fall in love with how you communicate. Instead of wasting time trying to find availability on busy stakeholder calendars, leverage Qbit's Voice Slack to gather verbal client feedback in real time on your presentations. Empower stakeholders to share their thoughts when it's most convenient for them. Then leverage Qbit's Live Sentiment Router to get notified of responses that need some extra hand holding. 

unmute brands with single voice questions


Dazzle with surveys people actually enjoy taking. Long surveys not only yield far fewer responses but frustrate customers. Need to narrow down multiple ads, claims or concepts? Or understand what catches the eye on a product, web page or shelf? Qbit's Single Question survey couples interactive choice with a single open ended voice question to understand 'why'. Get back results that are 100% credible, contextually rich and higher in audience engagement.

give your clients clarity and confidence


Provide go-forward confidence with A/B voice tests. You've narrowed the field of candidates to two lead contenders. Whether it be concepts, app designs, packaging claims, videos, ads, web pages or brand messaging, help clients make that final decision using Qbit's Voice Choice. Unlike status quo A/B testing, our approach ensures responses come only from real people who are cognitively and vocally engaged. Provide clear direction using credible data. 

do live interviews your clients will value


We've revolutionized the live 1 on 1 interview. Trade the worry of taking notes for more engagement with participants. Qbit's real time transcription ensures you never miss a word so you can remain fully engaged in the conversation. Gain the clearest understanding of motivations, perceptions and attitudes. Dive deep into critical details and nuanced experiences. Qbit's Live Interviews give you all the above and we even handle the recruiting and scheduling. Oh and it's a snap to annotate and socialize the most meaningful video clips, notes & key take aways.

provide clients go-to-market assurance


Give your clients greater go-to-market confidence by enabling them to test how people actually experience products in their lives. Before launching, put their products into real hands. Find out what customers really think using Qbit's In-Home Usage Test (IHUT). From address validation, to shipping, to bar code verification, to verbal / video feedback to blending quant and qual feedback, Qbit has all steps covered. Empower them to launch with maximum assurance.

provide powerful consumer behavior predictions 


Empower your clients to uncover the key drivers that attract people to their brand through real-time analytics and predictive insights. Enable them to track multiple brands at the line or SKU level and, optionally, include leading competitors as well. Qbit's Brand Tracker provides real-time clarity and understanding of what’s driving brand and marketplace performance. Additionally, optional real time alerts let you provide them a 'heads up' on rapidly shifting consumer behaviors enabling them to take informed, rapid action on breaking trends. 

reveal the key to repeat purchases


Give the holy grail in last mile experience. Reveal what actually happens with their products in the home. How are they used? when? frequency? duration? time of day? Qbit's Last Mile Sensor measures the above automagically. And, when combined with Qbit's single open ended verbal questions, surfaces for your clients the true north of what will transform consumers from passives into brand promoting repeat shoppers.

why choose Qbit for agencies?



patented and trusted by national brands, millions of voice sentiments crunched into actionable insights 



fastest planning & execution to go from live customer voices to data driven business decisions



highest response rates, most credible data and richest contextual understanding - all in near real time

Qbit platform has cued millions of human sentiment bits


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