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Real World Insights

RW Service
Service Experience Insights

Whether a first time customer becomes a repeat customer is determined by how they actually experienced your offerings and services.  What's challenging, however, is that most customers only give feedback on their experience when it's extremely positive or negative and increasingly this takes the form of public posts, reviews, or tweets.  Consequently, brands are often left with a bifurcated understanding of their customers' experiences but what of the majority in the middle? For the 'passives' in the middle, it's usually several smaller annoyances or issues that don't rise to the occasion of them calling the front desk, asking for the manager or airing their grievances publically but simply -- and more damaging in the long run -- deters them from ever coming back.  Frustratingly, the tools available to brands today are woefully inadequate at measuring the voice of the majority, here's why:  'Rate your experience' questions provide a measure of real-time health but are devoid of context. Why did these customers give us a 6/10 rating?  Open-ended text boxes on surveys, which are intended to provide the 'why' context, have abysmal response rates because it's cumbersome and a bother for the majority of us to try and translate our experience into words.  Qbit overcomes these challenges by combining the simplicity of the "rate us" question with an open-ended verbal question that simply asks "Why?" You get back in-the-moment authenticity and contextual insights and you've empowered your customers to voice their opinion effortlessly and anonymously.

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RW Product
Product Experience Insights

Expectation meets reality for your brand when customers physically engage your products. Traditional methods of measuring out-of-box experiences and product setup are often done in a regional location using Central Location Tests (CLT's) because in-situ (at home) measurement is logistically complex and relying on self-reporting via traditional surveys is woefully inadequate. A big shortcoming of CLT’s, however, is that they suffer from regional, small sample size and other biases that can distort the data.  Qbit enables you to overcome all of these limitations:  First, Qbit enables your teams to capture real-time out-of-box and set up experiences with back-of-camera video.  Empower respondents to show you, in their most comfortable environment, exactly what’s working for them and what isn’t.   Second, the Qbit app provides step-by-step guidance to enable respondents to shop for products or to receive shipped products. If the latter (e.g. for pre-launch samples), Qbit is integrated with all the leading shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, USPS) so you can choose the most cost-effective shipping method depending on the perishability of your product.  Third, prior to shipping, the Qbit app verifies the current shipping address for all respondents and provides them real-time status notifications so they can plan accordingly. Fourth, you can choose to require barcode scanning to ensure that each intended recipient actually receives your product.  Finally, the simple screen-by-screen approach of the app ensures that participants read, view, or watch any specific guidance you wish to provide.

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RW Sensory
Sensory & Physiological Experiences

After procuring products, through shopping or shopping, Qbit empowers respondents to share their unboxing experience as well as their real-time sensory and usage experiences.  If it’s a food or beverage, you can capture respondents' in-the-moment taste experiences by empowering them to voice their opinions through audio or video of what they like and dislike. If it’s a personal care or cosmetic product, you can understand respondents' in-the-moment tactual and olfactory experiences. If it’s a garment or durable product, you can measure their set up and usage experiences. 

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RW Live
Live & On-Location Experiences

Qbit makes it easy to measure live experiences anywhere: at home when streaming entertainment, when in-aisle at retail, at short term venues like pop-ups, conferences and trade shows; or at permanent locations like hotels, eateries, service businesses, museums and places of entertainment.  You can easily configure Qbit to capture live experience opinions in a variety of different ways:  For example, when at-home respondents simply tap the image of the show they just watched using the Qbit app to voice their feedback. In-store, respondents can use the Qbit app to scan a product bar code, voice their opinion, and redeem a digital reward at checkout. For on-location experiences, Qbit supports the deployment of multiple kiosks wherein participants can be incentivized to simply step up and voice their experience.  Alternatively, patrons can simply point their phones at QR codes to bring them into the survey experience.  

In-Aisle Insights
Conference & Event Insights
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Venue & Museum Insights

Regardless of the physical experience, Qbit’s interactive insights dashboards enable you to measure the pulse of one time or ongoing live experiences, hear what’s being said and visualize recurring themes. Additionally, you can dynamically filter the qualitative data as you’re accustomed to doing with quantitative data. For example, if you wanted to compare and contrast the experience between males and females, you just tap a single filter and all the data -- both closed-ended responses and open-ended responses -- is instantly filtered.

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