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Prophetic Market Trends

Missing in trend reports? The cognitive dots. 

Innovative brands continuously seek to understand how shifting customer behaviors today will impact their purchase decisions tomorrow.  While trend reports abound, brands tell us that these reports provide only a terse explanation as to why the purported trend is emerging. A deeper understanding of customers’ cognitive motivations and decision reasoning is needed so you and your team can act with contextual relevancy and emotional intelligence.

Understand the cognitive motivations fueling trends
Product SKUs & Claims
Also absent? Product SKUs & claims.

The typical trend report presents only a top-line view of “key takeaways” for a given category, consequently, the actual lower-level data pertaining to specific products and their claims are omitted. Your need, however, is to connect the dots between the actual product SKUs and claims that are driving tomorrow's trends.  Which claims (A, B, C) on which products (SKU X, Y, Z) are informing trends (T1, T2) for given market segments (S1, S2, etc.)? Qbit connects the most dots for you and your teams.  

Connect the dots between product claims & trends
Go Vulcan, mind-meld with your respondents

The average survey is a one & done transaction. Qbit has been architected to enable ongoing authenticity of engagement. After all, if your audiences on Qbit are verbally validated and cognitively engaged, why not keep the insights flowing? Qbit enables you to choose the trends that matter most to you. Simply define your insights objectives (e.g. “which product claims are driving highest purchase intent and why?”) and your experience context (e.g. purchase motivations for category X ).

Hear tomorrow's
emerging trends today
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