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About Rewards:

To thank you for you ongoing opinions, we reward you in various ways for each product review you successfully complete and that Qbit approves. Each time you complete a study before the deadline, you will receive compensation or another reward upon completion; you will also receive points. The type and size of the compensation or reward may vary per the study difficulty, length or other similar elements. Here are Qbit's rules and guidelines to ensure your Q’sumer status remains in good standing.

Qualifying for Rewards:

  • Always be sure to explain WHY you are expressing the opinion that you have. As a rule of thumb, a good response should be at least 20 seconds.

  • If your vocal responses are found to be insufficient for a study, you will NOT receive any reward (dollars or points or any other reward) for that study and you will be notified via email.

  • If your vocal responses are found to be consistently poor quality, your Q’sumer involvement will be ended and any present or future rewards will be cancelled.

  • While we may reach out to you to inform you that your Q’sumer status may soon be ended for poor quality, Qbit bears NO obligation to do so and may terminate any Q’sumers involvement at any time for any reason

Reward Payments:

  • We aim to provide you your cash reward as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 5 days to receive it as time is needed to verify the quality of your responses and for the transaction to get processed by PayPal.

  • You will receive your cash reward into the PayPal account you provided during sign up. Within PayPal you can then link to your bank's checking account.

  • If, after 5 days you did not receive your reward, please check your email to see if you already received an email from us regarding your product review submission or reward status. If you did not, please open a support ticket: from within the Qbit App > Tap the Settings gear in the upper left > Help > My Tickets > New.

  • Disclaimer: If we are delayed or prevented from performing any obligation to you by an event of Force Majeure, our performance of such obligation will be excused for a period equal to

    1. the duration of the Force Majeure event, or 

    2. if longer, the period of delay actually caused by the Force Majeure event. 

    “Force Majeure” includes an occurrence beyond our reasonable control (e.g. PayPal’s service becomes unavailable), fire, earthquake or other natural disaster, a strike, a work stoppage, an act of war or terrorism, an Act of God. We will endeavor to provide you with email notification within (10) ten days after the occurrence of any event of Force Majeure.

Reward Points:

  • As you successfully complete product reviews you earn points. When certain point levels are reached, Q’sumers become eligible to receive bonus rewards such as a Qbit Kit or other special prizes. When premium reward opportunities (e.g. receiving free food products, getting paid to participate in at-home food studies) become available in a specific region, we invite Q'sumers in that region with the highest points in the recent past to participate.

  • However, there is no cash equivalent for points; nor can points be redeemed for cash, compensation or other rewards. Should the need arise, such as in the cases when supplies or availability are exhausted, Qbit reserves the right to change, substitute, or delay in providing the point based reward. In such cases Qbit will communicate this to affected Q’sumers.

  • Points do not expire as long as you continue to be an active Q’sumer and as long as the points program remains in effect.

  • If you request to be unsubscribed as a Q’sumer, or if your membership is terminated, all points will be forfeited.

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