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About Referrals:

To thank you for referring someone to Qbit, you (the "inviter") will earn a paid reward when the person you invited (the "invitee") successfully completes and receives payment for their first product review. Here are Qbit's rules and guidelines for referrals:

Invitee Criteria:

  • 18+ year of age

  • US resident

  • Has iPhone or Android mobile phone running software released within the past 6 months

  • Invitations must originate from within the Qbit app

Invitee Success Steps:

You can check the status of all your invitees from the Referral Status & Earnings screen in the Qbit app. The following are the steps that must be completed for you, the inviter to earn your reward:

  1. Invited: Inviter sends invitation via email or SMS text to invitee from within the Qbit App

  2. Applied: Invitee downloads the Qbit app and applies by answering the initial questions

  3. Accepted: Qbit invites invitee to complete Q'sumer sign up

  4. Approved: Qbit approves invitee's first product review submission and invitee is paid reward


Invitee Non-Success:

The following conditions will result in your invitation no longer being valid. Conditions will be visible on the Referral Status & Earnings screen in the Qbit app:

  • Failed: If Qbit is not able to deliver the invitation

  • Decline: If Qbit does not accept the invitee (i.e. Step 3 above) or Qbit does not approve the invitee's first product review submission (i.e. Step 4 above).

Earning Your Reward:

  • For every invitee you invite to Qbit who is also approved (step 4 above), you will receive the reward payment specified at the time of the invitation in the Qbit app.

  • Please allow up to 5 days for verification and processing of your payment

  • Disclaimer: If we are delayed or prevented from performing any obligation to you by an event of Force Majeure, our performance of such obligation will be excused for a period equal to

    1. the duration of the Force Majeure event, or 

    2. if longer, the period of delay actually caused by the Force Majeure event. 

    “Force Majeure” includes an occurrence beyond our reasonable control (e.g. PayPal’s service becomes unavailable), fire, earthquake or other natural disaster, a strike, a work stoppage, an act of war or terrorism, an Act of God. We will endeavor to provide you with email notification within (10) ten days after the occurrence of any event of Force Majeure.

Invitee Fraud:

  • You are explicitly prohibited from taking any action to defraud the Qbit reward system (e.g. sending invitations to multiple fake accounts). Any Q’sumer suspected or found to be committing fraud against Qbit will

    1. immediately have their Qbit account suspended 

    2. forfeit any rewards

    3. face potential legal action.

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