About Rewards:

To thank you for your ongoing opinions, we reward you in various ways for the product reviews you successfully complete and that Qbit approves. Here are some rules and guidelines to ensure your Q’sumer status remains in good standing. For more information, please visit in-app help > FAQ.


Ensuring Your Reviews Are Approved: Always be sure to provide answers that explain "why" you are expressing the opinion that you have.

For example, simply saying the product "looks good" or "looks nice" would NOT be acceptable. You need to explain why: what words, what ingredients, what visual elements, etc. make you feel this way? In general, what specifically do you like and/or dislike about each brand and why?

In general, be as specific as you can in your responses. As a rule of thumb, a "good response" is at least 30 seconds and you should provide 2 reasons for why you're stating the opinion that you have

When A Review is Not Approved:  If your vocal responses are found to be insufficient, your review will be declined. You will receive an app-notification alerting you that a given review was declined and an email explaining why the review was declined so you can improve the quality of your response moving forward. Please note that when a review is declined it will NOT count toward your monthly minimum and you will NOT receive any points for it.  


If your vocal responses are found to be consistently poor quality, your Q’sumer involvement will be ended and any present or future rewards will be cancelled. While we may reach out to you to inform you that your Q’sumer status may soon be ended for poor quality, Qbit bears NO obligation to do so and may terminate any Q’sumers involvement at any time for any reason, as per Qbit’s Terms & Conditions. 


Reward Payments: Upon completing at least 8 Qbit approved reviews, you will receive your monthly cash reward, the amount of which is determined by your current Qbit Rewards level. We aim to provide you your monthly cash reward as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 5 days for the transaction to get processed by PayPal. You will receive your cash reward into the PayPal account you provided during sign up. Within PayPal you can then link to your bank's checking account. If, after 5 days you did not receive your reward, please consult Help > FAQ. 


Reward Disclaimer: If we are delayed or prevented from performing any obligation to you by an event of Force Majeure, our performance of such obligation will be excused for a period equal to (i) the duration of the Force Majeure event, or (ii) if longer, the period of delay actually caused by the Force Majeure event. “Force Majeure” includes an occurrence beyond our reasonable control (e.g. PayPal’s service becomes unavailable), fire, earthquake or other natural disaster, a strike, a work stoppage, an act of war or terrorism, an Act of God. We will endeavor to provide you with email notification within ten days after the occurrence of any event of Force Majeure


Reward Points: Each approved review you complete will earn you 25 points. Collect points to gain access to higher Qbit Reward levels, which in-turn unlocks many additional Qbit rewards and benefits.  See Help > FAQ to learn more about the currently offered Qbit Reward program.