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Virtual Insights

Virtual Product
Product Experience Insights

Qbit enables respondents to virtually experience any product at any stage of development. Use Qbit to empower them to verbalize their in-the-moment reactions and questions through a variety of closed-ended and open-ended modalities, such as audio or video.  For product teams, respondents can view two or three-dimensional objects, viewing the front, back, sides, and zooming in to get a closer look at the details. 

Concept Insights
Claims Insights
Form Factor Insights
Packaging Insights
Virtual SM
Shopper Experience Insights

For marketing teams, respondents can view images of ads, logos and messaging or they can watch promotional videos or listen to radio ads.  For sales teams, respondents can view multiple offerings side-by-side on a virtual retail shelf or any virtual context you choose. Depending on your requirements, you can capture their cognitive reactions through audio, video or text and blend those questions with quantitative questions such as pricing, ranking, sentiment, interests, behaviors, etc. 

Video Creative Insights
Messaging & Claims Insights
Messaging Insights.jpg
Virtual Shelves
Ad Insights
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Logo & Mark Insights
Identity & Naming Insights
Virtual Web
Web Experience Insights

Qbit enables respondents to verbalize their online experiences so you can understand not just where they're getting stuck or abandoning but why. Use Qbit to measure real-time thoughts and reactions to any webpage, set of webpages, e-commerce flows, shopping cart steps, or even entire websites. These experiences can be structured in the form of A/B tests to compare messaging or purchase intent between variants.  You can even extend your analysis to include actual purchasing, enabling you to measure the entire experience journey including site browsing, adding-to-cart, ordering, delivery, product experience, and re-purchasing. 

Webpages & Sites
E-Commerce & Checkout
Virtual App
App Experience Insights

Qbit lets respondents voice their in-app experiences with any app including yours! Your teams can use Qbit to understand points in the user experience workflow that are confusing or difficult.  You can capture cognitive reactions via audio, video or text.  Additionally, before or after respondents engage with your app, you can include demographic, behavioral and psychographic questions so you can slice your insights by specific audiences or cohorts.  You can also seamlessly blend in close-ended questions such as sentiment rating, feature ranking, pricing, Net Promoter Score.  For IoT device apps, Qbit even supports BLE communication integration, which can be used to nudge for feedback following device usage.

Your App
IoT Device Apps

Regardless of the digital experience, Qbit’s interactive insights dashboards enable you to hear what’s being said and visualize recurring themes. Additionally, you can blend in closed-ended questions enabling you to dynamically filter the qualitative data by specific quantitative metrics such as demographics, behaviors, rankings, and ratings. For example, if you wanted to compare and contrast the verbal experience between Gen Z and Millenials with 'passive' NPS scores, you simply tap a couple of filters and all the data -- both closed-ended responses and open-ended responses -- are instantly filtered.

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