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High Def Customer Profiles

Custmer Profiles
Full color profiles of your customers

Most customer profiles give you the equivalent of black & white outlines based on responses to 'who are you' questions that are limited to demographics, behaviors, etc.  Such profiles omit why customers behave as they do or, if explanation is provided, it’s often sourced from just a handful of in-depth interviews (subjecting your profiles to small sample size bias). Qbit gives you customer profiles that are cognitively and contextually rich and lets you slice the data by any attribute so you can dynamically view your customer profiles through myriad lenses.

High Def Customer Profiles.jpg
Competitor Profiles
...and of your competitors' customers

Actionable competitor intelligence can unlock faster growth or enable a brand to regain lost market share. Qbit offers sales & marketing teams multiple levels of competitor intelligence.  Level I: customer profiles of your competitors' customers. Level II: how your competitors' customers view your brand and your competitor. Level III: When & why your competitors' customers will choose your brand over the competition. Powerfully, Qbit enables you to view and engage with all of this competitor intelligence on a single interactive insights dashboard.

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