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Authenticated Audiences 

Unverifiable responses can't be trusted

Businesses cannot make financial decisions without the confidence of knowing their underlying accounting systems are accurate and reliable.  Yet, frighteningly, many brands are unknowingly making marketing and product decisions without any ability to vet the authenticity of their survey respondents. The harsh reality is that most of the time you have no way of knowing if respondents are actually reading your questions or whether they're just “survey speeding”.  Even more alarming as reported recently in Wired Magazine is the increasing proliferation of bots masquerading as people. Can you really afford to base important business decisions on unverifiable data? 

Say no to
speeders & bots
The world’s only verbally validated audience
Verbally Validated Audience

To minimize the risk of survey speeders and bots, we’ve built the world’s only verbally validated consumer panel from the ground up.  With rigorous 6X authenticity verification including multiple verbal responses, mobile phone, PayPal identity, geolocation, address, and ongoing quality monitoring, we ensure that your responses are from real, cognitively engaged human minds.  Further, our custom screeners let you dial in your target audience. Whether your survey is all qualitative, all quantitative or a mix of both, get total peace of mind with Qbit.

Say yes to 100% verbally validation  
Your Own Panel
Unmute your "voice of the customer"

Already have your own customer panel? People love to speak their minds and with Qbit you can easily empower your existing panels to anonymously express their opinions in the most natural and authentic way possible -- their verbal voice.  Use Qbit to craft survey experiences that excite them to more deeply engage with your brand by blending interactive media, qualitative questions, and quantitative choices.  Create as many private panels as you want on Qbit and, of course, absolutely no one except your company can engage your own panel members. And, if you don’t yet have a customer panel, Qbit makes it a snap for you to build out your own verbally validated one with single-click social media posts.

Unmute Your Customer Voices
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