The fastest path from live customer voices to data driven business decisions

Hear the customer, decide faster
Qbit is the first customer intelligence platform helping businesses make faster, data driven decisions by measuring live customer voices.

engage faster

Instantly measure the customer voice in any experience: 

digitally, online, at home, on location and at live events.  

decide faster

Eliminate the threat of fake social data & bots by capturing real voices for 100% clean, highly scalable data set.

act faster

Easily glean crisp insights at both the strategic “100k foot” and tactical “5k foot” levels with dynamic structuring of unstructured data.

What our customers are saying


Erika Wasserman,

President Wasserman Consulting

(former VP @ Explore Cuisine, Ella's)

Qbit’s ability to get direct consumer data from all over the country within a short timeframe allows my brands to react fast to changing trends without breaking the bank. After doing consumer insights for years, I highly recommend Qbit to all my clients.


Tracy Baker,

President Forthright Development

(former VP @ Pepsico, Board @ Gerber )

In my 30+ years of CPG experience, I have never seen anything as fast, reliable and cost effective as Qbit. This is the future of customer insights.


Sarah Reiter

CMO, Arcadia Biosciences

(RKDA on Nasdaq)

Qbit helps Arcadia bring stronger products to market by enabling us to iterate messaging and design with greater confidence and speed.


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