Qbit unleashes insights continuously.


Scale Faster

Accelerate distribution

While trend data sources are highly valuable for providing data on how different brands are selling (velocity, pricing, promotion), they do not answer why consumers choose to buy your brand vs your competitors (or vice versa) at a SKU v SKU level. Accelerate Your Distribution by using Qbit to prove to retail buyers that their shoppers will buy your specific offerings over current in-store offerings. Or, if the data is less than flattering, gain invaluable insights into how to strengthen your offerings.


Drive Growth

Increase sales of current offerings 


Validate your online and in-store promotional strategies by using Qbit to rapidly A/B test packaging, messaging, ads, copy, videos, and web pages to optimize purchase intent.  Iterate quickly and smartly knowing Qbit provides the same 100% credible in-the-moment verbal insights as traditional in-person qualitative but at 100X the speed.  Easily visualize the qualitative data by both sentiment (i.e. how it was said emotionally) and content (i.e. what was said contextually) to glean crisp, actionable insights. 

Fuel Innovation

Seize tomorrow's insights today

Know today where your category is headed tomorrow. Leverage Qbit to provide ongoing monitoring of consumer conversation around any group of brands you choose. Out-innovate your competition by filling your innovation pipeline with 100% credible insights based on what consumers are speaking about.  Whereas trend reports and social listening provide broad surface level understanding, Qbit gives you deep, rich, authentic insights down at the SKU and claims level.


Lower Risk

Maximize new product odds


Launching winning products that defy notoriously high failure rates is already challenge enough. Now brands face the additional go-to-market risk that critical product decisions are inadvertantly being made on fake data -- from the increasing proliferation of bots taking surveys, to the massive rise in bogus social content including phony product reviews to the ever pervasive survey speeders.  Lower your decision making risk by engaging real consumers, capturing authenticity and measuring in-situ experiences.

In my 30+ years of CPG experience, I have never seen anything as fast, reliable and cost effective as Qbit.


Tracy Baker,

President Forthright Development

(former VP at Pepsico, Board Trustee at Gerber)


Attract new customers, deepen existing loyalty

Understand consumers’ real-world experiences with your products or services and why they would or would not repurchase. Or unravel why they still keep buying your competitor. Qbit provides deep visibility into customers’ anticipated experience vs experience realities. Understanding this divide early on can often mean the difference between having one time buyers and brand loyal repeat purchasers.  Further, customer sharing of actual real-world experiences with a brand can reveal invaluable in situ contexts and stories that can be used to inject fresh, authentic messaging into a marketing platform or seasonal ad campaign.

Increase your new product odds of success

The human decision-making process is often a fuzzy one because most of the time we’re not encountering ‘apples to apples’ choices. Consequently, engaging consumers in sharing their honest, open-ended feedback during concept and product development can provide one of the best means to surface unexpected purchase deterrents for a given target demographic or to understand the decision making tradeoffs consumers will make when presented with choices that vary by messaging, claims, price, etc. This approach can thus help to increase the odds of success when launching new products or line extensions and reduce the risk that the significant capital expenditure required to bring new offerings to market ends up being a formidable loss.


Win the retail buyer, expand your distribution

Measuring how and why consumers purchase at the SKU vs SKU level (e.g. which brand, A or B, would you buy again and why?) when every data point is trusted because it's verified and guaranteed to be a real person’s voice is invaluable. You come out ahead either way: If the data is less than flattering it makes clear what needs to be done and why in order to convert passives (“I would buy but…”) into promoters.  Conversely, if the data is highly flattering the combination of qualitative credibility and quantitative rigor (e.g. participants matching a retail buyer’s own shopper demographics) can help bring compelling and persuasive proof points to win over that retail buyer.