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QBIT FOR IHUTS (in home usage tests) 

QbitBoost your sensory testing with AI

A sensory testing sidekick that sources participants, manages product sampling, blends qual with quant, and surfaces key insights


minimize launch risk for any product

Achieve greater go-to-market confidence by testing how people actually experience your brand in their lives. Before launching, put your products into real hands. From address validation, to shipping, to bar code verification, to verbal / video feedback to blending quant and qual feedback, Qbit has all steps covered.

send multiple products in the box

Identify your strongest go-to-market candidate by pitting your most promising prototypes against each other in the same test. Alternatively, benchmark your brand against leading competitors.    


your toughest IHUT challenges solved 

Need feedback on perishable or frozen products? We are expert at packaging and delivery of any temperature sensitive goods. Need consumers to periodically evaluate products over weeks or months?  The Qbit platform has that covered too. 


turnkey picking, packing & kitting

We offer customizable turnkey solutions for your IHUT shipments. Whether you'd prefer to bulk ship us your product samples or you need us to procure products, sticker them, etc. -- we've got you covered!


flexible, streamlined & secure shipping solutions

Qbit is integrated with the world's leading shipping partners, providing brands real time visibility on package status and recipients friendly notifications of expected delivery time. Optional barcode scanning ensures experiences begin only after product sampls are actually in hand. 

test experiences on location with ease

Some testing is best done on location. When it comes to Central Location Tests, Qbit's got your back: participant sourcing, venue securing, facilitation, feedback capture & insights reporting. 


decide even faster by having consumers buy    

Qbit can map the shopper journey of your target consumers having them shop your products & competitors -- in store or online -- through unmoderated live interviews that keep the insights rolling in 24/7. Gain invaluable SKU level sensory & shopper feedback in the same test. 

blend quant questions with qual feedback

Whether it's IHUTs, CLTs or shopper journeys, deepen your sensory insights by seamlessly combining quant questions (e.g. JAR scales, ranking, maxdiff, van westendorp, etc.) with qualitative feedback (audio, video, pics, etc.)   


rich, authentic sensory qual with audio or video

Verbal + sensory feedback is gold. Qbit's AI understands open ended audio and video, crunching all that rich qualitative sensory data into crisp actionable insights based on both sentiment and context. 

glean sensory insights from open responses

Qbit takes open-ended sensory feedback and surfaces clear "100k foot” themes while also enabling you to  easily zero in at the "5k foot" to uncover & understand specific opportunities or issues in-depth.


effortlessly fuse sensory testing w/ live interviews

Extend the learnings from your IHUTs, CLTs or shopper journeys with a follow-up participant interviews to gain even deeper understanding of how your brand is being perceived & experienced 

create, actionable real time notifications 

 Let Qbit's Live Sentiment Router provide you real time notifications on customer experiences based on sentiment thresholds you define. Route notifications to specific teams or people via mobile or web.


why choose Qbit?



patented and trusted by national brands, millions of voice sentiments crunched into actionable insights 



fastest planning & execution to go from live customer voices to data driven business decisions



highest response rates, most credible data and richest contextual understanding - all in near real time

Qbit platform has cued millions of human sentiment bits


ready to up level your sensory testing?

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