The most versatile and flexible sensory qual

Measure out-of-box, tactile, preparation, smell, usage and taste experiences 

Ship to Homes

Authentic In-Situ Insights

Qbit has seamless integration with all the major shipping provides (UPS, FedEx, USPS) enabling you to ship products or samples directly to consumers where they can experience your brand in their most natural of settings. Qbit's app provides participants shipment and delivery notification status updates and gives you peace of mind in knowing the status of all your assets.


Shop In-Stores

Authentic Shopping Insights

Qbit enables you to craft fun and engaging experiences wherein consumers go to specific retailers to either browse products or purchase products.  Qbit's barcode scan verification capability provides the needed assurance that consumers have actually acquired specific products. This feature is especially valuable for gathering deep competitive intelligence.


Shop Online

Authentic E-Commerce Insights

Qbit enables you to measure in the moment cognitive reaction and engagement to website offerings and check out experiences.  Map the entire purchase journey from browsing, adding to cart, purchasing, receiving, opening, receiving and using.